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"One to watch, definitely"
PR Week

"bloggabase is stepping up the war on poorly targeted marketing"

PR Week
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"Approaches blogger relations from a blogger's perspective"

Everything PR
What is

Welcome to, a new and friendly service, set up by bloggers for bloggers. We connect bloggers looking to request information or receive products to review on their blogs with companies and brands. We cover every sector from tech and travel, through to food and parenting. More than 3,000 bloggers are signed up to our database.

The main aim of is to improve marketer/blogger relations. We are doing this by giving marketers a simple way to see exactly what a blogger will and won’t write about, and by providing bloggers with a way to report untargeted pitches.

Whether you are a blogger or a marketer, you can benefit from using

What is
  1. I have more than one blog – can I sign them all up?

    You certainly can, you can sign up with as many blogs as you please, in as many different sectors as you like.

  2. How do I know you are not just gonna spam me?

    We are an independent company formed by two people with their own popular blogs who were fed up of a*se about face approaches from SEO, PR and Marketing agencies. We decided to do something about it and ho-yup, bloggabase was born. A massive part of what we plan to do involves looking at things from a blogger point of view and what we would like to see when brands try and link with like-minded bloggers.

  3. Has this not been done before?

    Not the way we want to do this.

Got more questions? They may be answered in our FAQ or email us at